Suspicion: Elusive Billionaire Romance Series, Book 1 Excerpt

I WANT to know who the hell is responsible for this mess!” boomed Hendrick from the front of the boardroom.

Silence filled the room as all the top people in the company stared at Hendrick in awe. They knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to be messed with. Considering the company had just been charged with federal and criminal charges for dumping industrial waste into the Arctic Ocean, they knew it was best to stay silent.

“I return from vacation to find the prosecutor in my office to tell me that a company that I built from the ground up to help humanity is being accused of filling the ocean with waste! Waste??” He screamed across the table, his face turning an angry red. Hendrick stopped for a moment to compose himself and looked at each person at the table, assessing their worth.

“Pray it was not one of you frontrunners that made the decision to handle the waste of the company in this manner. Now go, and I expect reports hourly about how we are making this right and where waste should be going from now on.”

Everyone got up from the table quickly and filtered out of the room. Hendrick watched them all leave and turned to his right-hand man, Geoffrey, the CEO of the company.

“Tell me you didn’t know.”

A broad-shouldered man, Geoffrey held an imposing frame that fit well with the red beard that made him appear like a Viking. He was incredibly loyal and a great asset to the company.

“You have known me your whole life Hendrick, I’m sure you know I had nothing to do with dumping waste into the ocean. The person in charge of a decision like that is one of your minions.”

“How is it that the owner and CEO of a company had no idea that his own company has been poisoning the ocean?”

“Someone down the line obviously felt it would save the company a lot of money.”

Hendrick snorted, “Ya and no one would ever find out that the Arctic Ocean was suddenly polluted? My god they have vessel numbers and everything, it was our guys to be sure, so how do I not know about it?”

“The prosecutors are doing their investigation and so are we. I can guarantee that we will find out who is responsible before anyone else does.”

“I’m being prosecuted, Geoffrey! They think I knew about this madness.”

“Look you didn’t know and they can’t prove that you did. You will have your day in court and they will simply have to let it go. They can’t pull evidence from thin air so you’re safe.”

Hendrick went to the side table by the grand picture window. He poured them both a glass of bourbon, handing one to Geoffrey.

“I built this company because I believed in a vision and now our reputation is being smeared. All the while I’m off doing fundraisers and charity events while some asshole is destroying the ocean under my name.”


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