Love Requited: Ardent Billionaire Romance Series, Book 3 Excerpt

I’M SO proud of you Deirdre. Here’s to a successful demo recording.” Cassie smiled. Deirdre lifted her glass of champagne to her friend’s toast.

“Brooke said it went really well,” Deirdre told her friend. “She said we can expect a decision from the studio execs in the next week or so.” Deirdre had spent all day recording what could turn into her first album. She’d been working for weeks, choosing songs that were perfectly suited for her strong soprano voice. This after recording dinner with Cassie was the first time she’d allowed herself to relax in six weeks.

“I just know they’re going to sign you. You deserve something fantastic like this, Dee.” Cassie smiled. “And just think of all of the things you’ll be able to do for D’Angelo. You’re going to be able to give him an amazing life.”

An uncomfortable look spread across Deirdre’s face. “Do you really think so? Felix is afraid that if I’m in the public eye, D’Angelo will suffer for it… I’m afraid he has a point. I mean, look at how most celebrity kids turn out. It’s ridiculous… I’d never want that for my brother. I loved recording the demo, but maybe this isn’t something I should pursue. Maybe I should just keep focusing on school and let D’Angelo have a quiet life.” Deirdre sighed.

Cassie took a long sip of her champagne and studied her friend. “Do you really think that a little attention and money will be worse for D’Angelo than what he’s already been through?” she asked firmly. Deirdre opened her mouth to respond, but Cassie kept plowing on. “He deserves the best, even more than you do. And you’re a good person, Dee. You’ll make sure he is too.” She paused for another moment before continuing. “This doesn’t sound like you, Deirdre. Whose idea was it for you to turn down the deal?”

Deirdre looked down before answering. “Felix just pointed out that fame can be fleeting. And leave lasting damage. I just don’t know what the right thing is…”

“And Parker? I’m assuming you’re still talking to him?” Cassie prodded.

Deirdre shook her head. “He’s been keeping his distance. He sent flowers once… he’s sent over food with notes, saying he’s thinking about me, knows I’m busy. And he’s been taking D’Angelo to ball games… but he always stays in the hallway… like he’s literally giving me my space. He said he’d wait as long as it takes, I’m starting to think he meant it.”

“Maybe I misjudged our handsome billionaire,” Cassie conceded. “And maybe you should talk to him about your decision. Who would know better about the pros and cons of having enormous loads of money?” She laughed.

“I’d love to talk to him about this,” Deirdre agreed, “but I’m not sure I can trust myself around Parker. The last time we were alone together, I almost cheated on Felix. He doesn’t deserve that.”

“Deirdre, it almost sounds like you’re staying with Felix out of obligation. Aren’t you the one who pointed out that he deserves better than that?” Cassie reminded her.

Deirdre sighed. “And aren’t you the one who said I was allowed to take time?” She countered.

“Yes… but that was back when Felix seemed like a good fit for you. The longer you’ve stayed with him, the less I think that. He’s discouraging you from taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity… It almost sounds like he’s intimidated by the idea of you succeeding.”

“Felix loves D’Angelo,”’ Deirdre snapped defensively. “He’s just trying to make sure I put his needs first, that’s all. You should see the two of them together, Cass. D’Angelo loves him. And Felix has a point; my decisions affect my brother as much as they affect me.”

“It sounds like Felix wants you to put HIS needs first and he’s hiding behind an eight year old,” Cassie said firmly. She sighed. “We’ve gotten off track, Dee, tonight was supposed to be a celebration. Take the deal or don’t take the deal, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a pretty big honor. I’m proud of you.” Cassie smiled.

“It is kinda a big honor, isn’t it?” Deirdre smiled, allowing her friend to change the subject.

Cassie nodded. “And it could be the beginning of the rest of your life.”


 Deirdre slowly unlocked her front door and gently pushed it open. She crept into the living room and found D’Angelo and Felix asleep on the couch, the menu screen of The Lion King shining from the television set. Deirdre kneeled down and shook Felix slightly.

“Hmm,” he murmured, opening his eyes. “What time is it?”

“It’s a little after eleven,” Deirdre whispered. “Cassie and I didn’t stay out long. I was ready to get home.” She smiled, moving to D’Angelo’s side of the couch. She leaned down and kissed him lightly all over the face. D’Angelo woke up laughing.

“How did the song making go Dee Dee?” he asked with bright eyes and a tired smile.

“The song making went great little man.” She smiled. “I’ll make you a deal.  Go to your room and go back to sleep, and as soon as you wake up in the morning I’ll tell you all about it.”

“You promise?”

“Absolutely,” Deirdre assured him. D’Angelo jumped up, hugged his sister and Felix, and then scampered off to his bed.

“He’s such a good kid.” Felix smiled. “So, it really went well?”

“It really did.” Deirdre smiled. “But I’m still thinking about what you said. I’m not sure that kind of lifestyle is best for D’Angelo.”

“Well, whether you accept a contract or not, this is a great honor Deirdre, you should be proud of yourself. I’m proud of you.” He grinned.

Deirdre sat on Felix’s lap, leaned over, and lightly nibbled his earlobe. “Wanna show me how proud?” she whispered suggestively.

“Always…” he said quickly before covering her mouth with his. Felix wrapped Deirdre’s legs around his hips, stood, and carried her into the bedroom. He fell backward onto the bed, pulling away from Deirdre just long enough to pull her shirt over her head. Deirdre unhooked her bra and threw it aside and then shimmied out of her slacks. Felix took her right breast into his mouth roughly, biting and pinching her nipple until Deirdre burned with desire.

“Hey Felix, I’ve had a long day,” Deirdre breathed heavily. “Would you care to take this to the shower?” She grinned mischievously.

“Always.” he said again, returning her grin. Deirdre climbed off of Felix and shook her ass as she walked to her bathroom. Felix jumped from the bed, stripping off his clothes as he followed.


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