Love Amiss: Elusive Billionaire Romance Series, Book 3 Excerpt

JOCELYN AWOKE in the arms of her husband, trying to get rid of the dream that had been plaguing her for weeks. She had now been married for six months to Tim and things weren’t going quite as well as she imagined. She started having dreams about Hendrick and she figured it had to do with the fact that her unhappiness level had increased significantly.

It hadn’t started out that way; they had returned from their honeymoon and she had moved into his apartment. It was bittersweet leaving her own apartment but she was excited for the future. They began immediately looking for a home to call their own. It wasn’t long before they found one they both loved in the country. It was your typical colonial home in all its grandeur. There was a huge guest home in the back of the property that she couldn’t wait to use. It allowed peace for themselves as well as their guests. She had a studio as well, but she still managed to drive in every day to her own studio, because she thought better and creation happened as it should.

They had lived in absolute bliss for about a month before things started to change. She wasn’t really sure why the change occurred at all. Nothing negative had happened between them; one day things were just different. Tim made her insanely happy and she never regretted for a minute her decision to marry him.

He was attentive and kind and treated her like a queen. She felt safe in his arms and their sex life couldn’t have been more fulfilling. He did things to her body and mind that would shock people, but it felt incredible. So, why did he have to go and ruin everything?

She didn’t want to be thinking about her past flame, but Tim had changed so much in the past six months she barely recognized him. It was such a short period of time too that she didn’t understand why he had proposed at all if things soured for him so quickly and easily. It made her wonder if she had made the right choice after all.

It seemed like they had the perfect marriage for about a month; they spent all their time together, going to events and parties. She often went to football games when he made appearances, which were so much fun to be around because of the noise and energy of the games. They were an amazing team. Then one day he started asking her questions about Hendrick. How long they had been together, why they ended things, how many times they had sex?

She had been shocked at first by his questions and refused to answer them. Her past shouldn’t matter she had yelled at him. He was sure that she was still hung up on Hendrick despite the fact that she hadn’t spoken to him since the night before their wedding. She asked him to drop it and be happy that they were together and at first he did, but his insecurities crept back in weekly, threatening to destroy them forever.


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